Washington DC Catering

Tips to help you choose a good Washington DC catering company for a large event

With so many washington dc catering companies out there, picking the perfect one for a large event you are organizing takes more than just a couple of phone calls.


It is much easier than you think, however. Especially if you follow these quick tips when interviewing caterers.


How many large events has the company handled? -- Your first priority should be to choose a Washington DC catering company that has extensive experience in catering for large events.


That way you are not likely to end up with too much or not enough food. Nor is it likely food will be served too slow or cold.


Does the company cater corporate events? -- Some Washington DC catering companies are well known for the catering they do for corporations around the city. If the event you will be organizing is for a corporation, look for a company that has a reputation for providing awesome food for some of the larger DC companies.


Do they allow you to customize your own menu? -- While most Washington DC catering companies will have set menus they usually prepare for events, some will also allow you to customize your menu by changing, removing or adding dishes.


This is especially important if you want to be absolutely sure you are serving the right food for your guests.


Do they provide food, staff and rentals? -- Some catering companies provide food but not much else. Others make superb food, provide staff to work your event and even include tablecloths, glassware, centerpieces and tables and chairs in the cost of their catering fees.


If you do not want to have to contact two or three companies to be able to have everything you need for your event, look for a catering company that provides all of it.

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